A bird ornament, bird silhouette, metal bird or whatever you want to call it, these stylish birds are very nice to give as a present, but of course it is much more fun to brighten up your own garden.
MetalBird - You can see them flying!

The bird ornaments are made of Corten steel which gets a nice rusty layer due to the weather, but does not rust through. Wind, rain, snow; it just gets better!

Do you have a favorite tree, in the garden or at your door? Or do you have a boring fence or balcony? Make it more beautiful with a Metalbird bird silhouette.

You can choose from the Blackbird, the Robin, Crested Tit, Nuthatch, the Owl, Magpie, Woodpecker, Pigeon, Eagle, the Kingfisher and the Wren.

A ladder and a hammer is all you need to give your own Metalbird a nice spot. A few taps with a hammer and the bird is in your tree.

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