Information about Nestboxes

Different birds have different housing requirements. That is why there are different types of nest boxes. When choosing a nesting box, pay attention to the surroundings of your garden, yard or balcony.
Wooded area

Many bird species make their nest in tree cavities. These so-called cave breeders can use nest boxes.
So if you live in a wooded area, you can also hang up different nesting boxes: For example, nest boxes suitable for Tits, Wren, Nuthatch and the Pied Flycatcher.

Urban area

The cave breeders also include species that naturally use holes and crevices in rocks, such as house sparrows.
In our built environment they often use holes and cracks in roofs and buildings. There are various nest boxes for house sparrows. There are also plenty of nestboxes available for Tits in the garden or on the balcony.


An agricultural landscape is open and attracts other birds. You can, for example, place nestboxes for Swallows, Starlings and Sparrows.
A nestbox for Tits and other small garden visitors can also attract residents here.

Gardens / yards

In addition to the cave breeders, there are species that sometimes use a half-open nesting box. Robins, Wren, Black Redstart and Wagtail usually make a nest in dense scrub, but in gardens with only young climbers and without older buildings in the neighborhood it is difficult for these species to find a suitable nesting place.
A half-open nest box can offer a solution.

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