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BigEasy™ seed feeder - green (400mm)

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Ring-Pull™ - We've changed birdcare for good!
It’s a revolution in bird feeding. Introduced by Jacobi Jayne, the innovative Ring-Pull™ makes it easier than ever to keep feeding stations clean, healthy and hygienic!

 Lifetime guarantee

BigEasy™ - Simple to clean, big, tough and easy...

This tough, generously sized tube bird feeder will save you valuable time with fewer refill trips into the garden. And it’s easy to clean, too.

Simple to clean
The BigEasy™ feeders take all the aggravation out of cleaning your bird feeder with its twist-off base and seed ports.
And thanks to the cunning Seed Ventilation System™ food stays fresh for longer, keeping birds healthy and saving you money on spoiled seed.

The BigEasy™ feeder holds a whole lot more birdseed than skinny, size-challanged feeders.
Fill to the brim with quality blend seeds or straights like sunflower seeds and relax with fewer refill trips.

The bird feeder is made from tough aluminium components while the feeding tube is made from UV-stabilised polycarbonate.
This gets you protected against Squirrel damage and the worst of the weather...

The feeder can be mounted on a garden pole (option) or hang from a tree and is ideal for use in all weathers.
The extra comfort perches offer choice of landing areas to attract more species.

For complete peace of mind, all BigEasy™ models  are covered by our unique Lifetime guarantee!

• Lifetime guarantee
• Tough, chew-proof aluminium components
• UV-stabilised polycarbonate tube will not crack or discolour
• Easy to clean with its twist-off base and seed ports 
• Unique Tube Ventilation System™ helps keep seed fresh
• Extra comfort perches 

For further information about the BigEasy™ feeders, click here.

More Information
Delivery time:2 - 4 days
Colour(s):transparant, green
Material:Aluminium, Plastic, Polycarbonate
Guarantee:Lifetime Guarantee
Height:ca. 400mm
Mounting:to hang up, on a pole (option)
Suitable for:Straight foods (seeds), Seed mixes, Sunflower hearts, Sunflower seeds
Size400mm - 4 openings
Capacity:1.6 Liter
Accessories (option):Pole (PO-G), BigEasy™ seed tray
Protection against large birds:None
Protection against Squirrels:Good
Suitable for:Nuthatch, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Goldfinch, Tree Sparrow, European Robin, Siskin
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