BigEasy™ Feeders

BigEasy™ Feeders

BigEasy™ Feeders
BigEasy™ - Big & Easy!

Jacobi Jayne's High Quality Feeding Tubes offers you an innovative and easy way to clean your feeding column.

Easy to Clean

The bottom of the tubefeeder can be removed easily and quickly without the need for additional tools, allowing quick and thorough cleaning of this feedingsystem for wild birds.
In addition, the feed openings themselves can also be dismantled and adjusted with a "turn".
Let all parts dry and the feeding column can be reassembled in no time.

Innovative, patented ventilation system
Due to the built-in ventilation system the food remains fresh for a long time (warm, moist air is removed).
This fact, together with the larger filling volume (due to the extra wide feeding tube), provides an optimal feedingplace for small bird species, which may not have to be refilled daily.

Ergonomically shaped Perch rings
In addition to the sleek, modern design (all metal parts made of high-quality aluminum), the BigEasy ™ series also offers ergonomically shaped perch rings at the feed openings. These rings can help to feed even more different species of birds from this feeding place.

This exceptional, high-quality feeding column is ideally suited for the supply of seeds, seed mixtures and (peeled) sunflower seeds and can optionally also be mounted on our post for feed columns (green).

Lifetime Guarantee*

All BigEasy ™ Feeders by Jacobi Jayne & Co. are high quality products that have a lifetime factory warranty on material and manufacturing defects.
These products are durable and sustainable because they are not cheap "disposable" items and have been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

More information about our unique Lifetime Guarantee can be found here.

Features of the BigEasy ™ Feeders

All Big Easy™ Models have:
• Lifetime Guarentee
• High-quality materials (powder-coated aluminum)
• Fast, easy cleaning
• Wide, UV-resistant polycarbonate tube
• The unique, patented ventilation system keeps the food fresh for a long time
• Ergonomically shaped perch rings