Bird foods

Feeding Wild Birds

Despite common misconception it is important that wild birds are fed and cared for all year round.
In the spring and summer months wild birds use up to ten times more energy than in winter as they are highly active and in many cases go without food in order to ensure their fledlings are fed.
ue to expanding towns and new farming methods their natural source of food is ever decreasing and far scarcer, even in the warmer months. So it is very important to maintain full feeders all year round.

Once you have started to feed the birds please do not stop as they will become reliant on your help. They may take time to become use to feeding in new locations but please be patient.

Try and have multiple feed sites where ever possible to stop overcrowding in one area. Ensure that food is fresh as this will help stop bacterial build up.

Feeding stations should be located under cover where possible and at a height if there is a risk of cats or other predators.

Dispose of old food deposits and any food that has become sodden, this will help prevent the build up of harmful bacteria and toxins.
Regularly clean your feeding stations to prevent bacterial build up using warm water and a bird safe disinfectant.
Please make sure that you wash your hands after handling wild bird products.

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