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DecoBird® - Kestrel


DecoBird® is a series of hand carved wooden birds, exquisitely painted with non-toxic colours.

DecoBird Kestrel is carved by hand out of a single piece of linden wood. It is hand painted using environmentally friendly paint.

The bird is perched atop a wooden post, whence it observes the surroundings with keen eyes. This realistic wooden bird is a unique and beautiful decorative element in the home and the perfect gift to every bird lover!

About the kestrel
The kestrel is a medium size bird that roams open landscapes, fields and along motorways.
In Latin, the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) means “falcon with pure sound”. This midsized bird has a long tail and narrow wings and is recognizable by its hovering while searching for prey.
Kestrels are often seen by highways and fields while hunting for small rodents. They nest in high places, such as hollow trees and old crows’ nests, and are comfortable nesting close to human habitats.
They have been called “church falcon”, since they also nest in church towers.

Kestrel in other languages:
Scientific name: Falco tinnunculus
Dutch: Torenvalk
French: Crécerelle
German: Turmfalke

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Delivery time:2 - 4 days
Weight in kg:0.800000
Guarantee:1 year
Size:270 x 95 x 306mm
Included:Brochure about species
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