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Super tough toys

Some dogs are notorious for destroying their toys - Seriously Strong helps to combat this problem by providing a variety of tough toys that will withstand a good chewing. Most of the toys provide a combination of durable materials to allow the dog and their owner an enjoyable shared play experience. In addition, the dog is provided with a variety of textures to stimulate their senses.

All the rubber toys in this range are made from high grade non toxic materials and contain unique polymers to make them very durable. The rope toys are made with natural cotton fibres that can help to keep teeth and gums clean by flossing which helps prevent gum disease and plaque build up. The reinforced nylon fabric on the squeaking toys will prevent all but the most determined “chewer” getting to the middle of the toy.

They are further strengthened by the seriously strong seams that won’t unravel or easily come apart. The striking black and orange colours combined with the strong packaging really makes this range stand out on the shelf.

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