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Adjustable guard for Bolmso Birdfeeder

Metal guard - suitable for Bolmso Birdfeeder

• Metal guard to prevent large birds from feeding
• Adjustable mesh gap size
• Keeps Pigeons and other large birds from feeding

Metal cage - suitable for our Bolmso Birdfeeder

If you already bought a Bolmso Birdfeeder in the past and would like to exclude some bigger birds from feeding, this metal guard might be the solution for you.

This adjustable metal guard fits on your existing Bolmso Birdfeeder at home.
The double mesh panel fitted in front of the cage is clamped and released by a wing bolt. The effective access width is approximately 58mm when the fixed and movable meshes are clamped directly one in front of the other.
This can be reduced to any width down to a minimum of approximately 28mm when the movable mesh is placed midway between the fixed mesh wires.

Each of the two side panels has two fixed gaps each approximately 35mm wide.

• Adjustable mesh size: approx 28 - 56mm
• Easy to fit and remove
• Keeps large birds from feeding at your Bolmso feeder
More Information
Delivery time:2 - 4 days
Size:180 x 90 x 110mm
Protection against large birds:Adjustable
Protection against Squirrels:Low
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